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Once, when I was younger, I swore I would never live in a house with bars on the windows. At the time, I found the idea offensive on several levels — I would be living in a self-created jail, it screamed of mistrust and fear, and so on.

Things change, of course. I live in Washington, D.C., a relatively large city that I consider safe, but where crime does happen. I have bars on the windows and a gate on the door. I don't think of myself living in a prison, or in fear.

So my ideas have changed; that's what happens as we get older, I guess. One day I'll look back on the things I do now, and think and say, and shake my head and laugh. But I don't think you can let that knowledge stop you from believing and saying what you think.

Despite that, when I saw this scene, the stuffed animals lined up at the window and the bars outside, it made me a little sad. My ideas have changed, sure, but it still looks a little depressing, like a childhood without the total innocence I'd like to believe should be there.

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