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I've been having trouble lately remembering which photos I've posted to Team Wet Dog. There's a lot of overlap between this site and the Mount Pleasant work, so sometimes I stare at an image and can't remember who has seen it or where I've put it. So if I post a duplicate, well, forgive me.

About this picture: If you walk around in downtown D.C., you don't find a whole lot of payphones. And when you do find one, there's rarely anyone using it. Payphones are a dying thing, I think, pretty much been left behind by cell phones. But in areas like Mount Pleasant, however, not only are there many payphones but they're constantly in use. A big chunk of Mount Pleasant doesn't use cell phones, and the local shops sell a lot of international calling cards.

Happy Groundhog Day — we're in for another six weeks of 68-degree winter.

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