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cell phone art ii

Another shot at the "cell phone" art thing. I may play around with this idea a little longer, but I also think it's a fine line between "cell phone art" and "looks like crap." I do think there's potential though, but it will require some very specific circumstances -- high contrast, obvious distinct shapes and no real need for detail.

I watched football last night downtown, and as always on a weekend downtown D.C. seemed like another world.





In case you don't know Washington, there's not much  residential housing in the downtown area, and little commercial business either. It's all offices, really, and so on the weekends the streets are almost entirely empty. It's like this other place, purely distinct from what goes on there Monday thru Friday.

It's a very strange feeling, like the city has been  deserted. Even the tourists head back into Virginia after about  6 p.m..




All Images Copyright 2006 -- Robert Walton