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big day

Today has the makings for a big day.

I start classes again tonight -- that means 11 weeks of cooking, which I'm excited about. But it also means 11 weeks of a tight schedule, scrambling for time some days, and generally complaining about how tired I am.

Hey, at least I know what's coming.

It's my last semester though, so it feels a little different. Like what I want to do is just push through, finish up with a sense of finality. We'll see how it goes.






I had this dream last night. A strange, comic and bizarre dream that involved an elementary school graduation, a homeless guy, ESPN and a chicken suit. It's the sort of dream that you wouldn't think would make any of sense and all, and yet it has an undeniable logic to it.

My friends and I have this bet - six or seven of us in a pact that the first person to get on SportsCenter wins $100 from each other person. And in the dream, I won the bet by speaking at some kids graduation while wearing a chicken suit, after being passed a football. The job was initially supposed to be for the homeless guy, but he turned it down when he found out about the chicken suit.

At least, I think the dream has an undeniable logic to it.




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