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rome construction

I can't seem to stop the random bills from arriving in the mail. Maybe I should just stop opening the mailbox.

It snowed here in Washington over the weekend - about an inch, not enough to be a real nuisance but nice to look at for a day. I always feel like snow seems to bring the city closer together, especially at night.









This is one of those photos that everyone does at some point. It's just a familiar form, the big-small repetition, scale and humor. Spending some time in photojournalism - looking through books and contest entries and papers - you see something similar to this all the time (although others' photos are better than my example).

Sometimes I get the idea that there are a few certain "types" of photos that you're just sort of obligated to take, and ...

Ok, wait. This is just a long way of explaining the word "cliche." 



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