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In August 2006, shortly after my 30th birthday, I released a self-published volume titled Twelve Dreams: a transcription.  The book is very personal project — a small volume containing a collection of dream transcriptions and short fiction, all pertaining to the power I think our nighttime visions may contain.

The book is a small thing, not commercially viable on a large scale, and so I opted to create and distribute it myself. Most of the purchase price goes towards printing costs: I will not get rich off this project, but it was important for me to complete and share with others.

The book is intended as a statement about a lot of things — home and dreams and faith and family. But perhaps more than that, it’s a statement about making something, setting it out for others to see, and hoping they connect with it.



f you would like to purchase a copy, your support for the project would mean the world to me. The book is available for $7 plus shipping. I don't have any sort of online ordering form just yet, so it's a simply a matter of emailing and letting me know your shipping address.

The project is a small one — perhaps an odd one — but certainly significant for me. I wanted to create something and find a way to share it with others. In keeping with the philosophy of Team Wet Dog and the work I do here, this book is intended as much as a finished text as it is to further connections and dialogue between people. 

— Robert Walton



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